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CORONAVIRUS ALERT: Our center is closed until further notice. However, we can help you with specific needs, such as formula and diapers. Please call or text our hotline at 1-800-848-LOVE...

Pregnant and Alone

A concerned woman called today. She wants to help her 16 year old step daughter who is pregnant. The girl is being mentally abused. Her mother and grandmother want to have an abortion. She wants to keep her baby. I called a center close to them and directly connected...

Busy day

We had a very busy morning. Nurse gave results to a number of women. All were happy to know of their coming babies. Plus someone brought us some donations. Always so grateful when this happens. Please remember if you or someone you know   needs pregnancy help or baby...


The staff at 1st Way/Life Center would like to wish everyone a VERY HAPPY AND HEALTHY 2015!! Remember to call or text our 24/7  toll free number 1-800-848-LOVE (5683) if you need help or assistance.      

Weather Won’t Stop Us

Even though the weather is frigid, it has not kept our visitors from coming in for free help. The babies still need their supplies! Ultra-sounds have been in high demand recently. Weather won’t slow us down!

Annual Advanced Training Institute.

National Life Services/1ST WAY Joins International Life Services For Their Annual Advanced Training Institute. We encourage you to attend as we join International Life Service again for a wonderful training event and time to share with each other. We look forward to...


A woman called on behalf of a young girl. She saw her roaming the street with a child. The girl had no place to live and no resources for her baby. I gave the woman the name of a Pregnancy Resource Center. She said she would pass it on to the the young girl.

A 34 year old woman with 6 children called today. She is pregnant and has no job. She is considering having an abortion because she is afraid what people may think. Her boyfriend also is trying to force her to have one. She had three abortions which left her severely...


I had a call on the hotline today from a young man in med school. His girlfriend is late for her period. She wants to take the RU-486 drug. This is a deadly process which causes heavy bleeding and painful contractions. I gave him the number of a center they could get...

Help For All Ages

16 year old called Hot Line today from NC. She was afraid she may be pregnant and wanted a pregnancy test. I directly connected her to a center so she could speak to someone immediately.