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1st Way is Here For You

We will stand by you for as long as you wish us to. The most essential need in parenting is support. 1st Way is dedicated to your support now and in your months and years to come.

You will never forget this pivotal, life-changing experience, you will want to explore every possibility.

Your Choice to Parent:

Being a parent is often described as one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of life. It is a miracle to watch this little life grow inside you and develop into a person with a unique personality, interests and talents; as you learn how to guide, encourage and provide for your child.

Ask Yourself the following questions:

If you are single, is marrying the father a possibility? Why or why not. Would he consider pre-marital counseling?
What type of support could the father of the baby provide? (i.e.: financially, childcare, living arrangements.)
Could I live with family or another single mom?
How could I share responsibilities with those I live with?
What would it take to live on my own with my baby?
How can I continue to reach my goals to make a better life for me and my child?
Would I consider applying for WIC, Medicaid and other government programs?
Have I called the helpline to find resources in my area that can provide parenting support and supplies?

800-848-LOVE (5683)