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Message From Founder

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For 50 years, we have been privileged to serve thousands of women and young girls.

I have never known a pregnant girl who “wanted” to have an abortion. I know that there are many good and loving people throughout our county who truly care about life, yours as well as your baby’s and we can find the help you need to bring your baby into this world.

“No problem is so great that it warrants destruction of innocent life.”

If you are feeling alone, frightened or just plain angry, call us. Let us help you through this.

You need to know also that there is a God who loves you more than you can imagine and He is always waiting to care for you and shower this love upon you. No matter what your circumstances or lifestyle may be, He will be waiting for you.

Call us now and let’s talk. We’re open to any discussion, no judgements, no questions. It’s your life. It’s your call. Make It To First Way Life Center.

Our Mission Statement:

We believe every child conceived carries a very special message from God and that this message will never be repeated again. Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide the assistance and emotional support required for every woman or girl to carry her child to term in good health with dignity and peace of mind.